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Should I use an estate agent in Siem Reap

Instead of the question; Should I use an estate agent in Siem Reap it would be better as a statement “you should use an estate agent in Siem Reap”. Siem Reap Property Rental would of course prefer you to use us, however we believe that any professional estate agent is better than none.

It is far easier for you to research an estate agent than a potential landlord in Siem Reap. Actually it would be impossible to research a potential landlord for many reasons. There are no official records of any description and a Cambodian is highly unlikely to say anything bad about anyone.

I will get a better deal direct from the property owner

This is the often quoted statement that is heard and it is blatantly untrue or unprovable.  If an owner is advertising a property at whatever price, that is what they will charge you. Only an experienced estate agent with a history in Siem Reap will know what the going property rental values are and they will be able to negotiate any deals that might be available. Ask your local estate agent.

Asking a Cambodian property owner questions

If you have experience of asking questions in Cambodia you will be well aware of the YES answer. This has nothing to do with telling an untruth, it is just the way things are. Here are the most common questions. You must remember that neither of you will have a common language and there is little legal redress. Here are 14 questions to consider when renting a property in Siem Reap or anywhere else in Cambodia

  1. Is there electricity 24/7
  2. Do you organise daily cleaning
  3. Is the water supply reliable
  4. Is there regular garbage collection
  5. Are we near – Angkor Wat, Supermarket, Pub Street, cafes, bars, airport, etc
  6. Are the neighbours quiet
  7. Is the internet connection broadband, 4G etc
  8. Is the landlord responsible for all repairs
  9. Can i exit the rental agreement early without losing my deposit
  10. Will my deposit be returned in full
  11. Is there a carbon monoxide detector
  12. Do you have an emergency number i can call
  13. Do you have reliable property and contents insurance
  14. Does the contract have to be in Khmer


The answer to all of the above questions will be yes. A property owner just wants you to be happy. If anything goes wrong we can sort out later – that is the truth of it. Methods of sorting things out can vary. But generally it means that you will pay any bills, who cares about noise, electricity not working because of rain or it will be ok tomorrow. 

Is there a deposit guarantee scheme in Cambodia?

The answer to that is a simple no. Even the Cambodian banking system does not offer guarantees for deposits. What you need are agents who know Siem Reap and have experience of property owners. If you are acting on your own in a disputed deposit release, you’re not going to get your money back.

Can I use a debit or credit card for monthly rental payments and deposits?

Landlords deal in cash only. You might not even be offered a receipt. Siem Reap Property Rental has the ability to offer this to suitable renters card payments as we have agreed with some property owners in Siem Reap.

Does my rental agreement have to be in Cambodian language?

A Cambodian landlord is going to say yes, simply because it is their language and they might not be able to read or speak your language. However, a contract in Cambodia, like most countries, can be in any language that both parties agree or understand.  It only matters if it goes to court and it will have to be in Khmer. A Notary Public can translate and authenticate – if it ever got that far. In fairness, renting an apartment or house in Siem Reap is highly unlikely to get to court. The cost, time and frustration would not be worthwhile.


Siem Reap Property Rental offers contracts in Khmer and English. 

If i have a problem with landlord who do I contact

It is not unknown for independent renters having a problem with a landlord in Cambodia. Or anywhere else when it comes to that. There are no government bodies who will be able to help you. That is why you need a professional estate agent who knows how the system works in Siem Reap. When there is a problem a smile is not nearly enough. You need someone who knows how to resolve issues. It is all about who you know, respect, and lengthy negotiations.

Siem Reap Property Rental

We have experience, maturity, energy and respect. We are your bridge from Western pragmatism to Cambodian culture. You need to get it right from the very outset. Let us complete the negotiations. 

A final word about estate agents in Siem Reap

Many of the estate agents in Temple Town are self-employed and depend on their commissions. They have worked hard investing in presenting properties to you. Be it their website, FaceBook page or personal property visits. Respect the work they have done and do not be persuaded to ignore the groundwork they have done. Let your agent know if an owner has offered a private deal and we can then work out a win/win/win agreement for everyone involved.

Enjoy your time in Siem Reap

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